New Functionality in COMSOL 4.2

General New Functionality in COMSOL Multiphysics

The functionality that has been added to COMSOL Multiphysics with add-on products are also by default available in the LiveLink for MATLAB. This includes:

  • New selection methods (ball and box selections, unions, and so on).
  • New plot types including ability to view selections in MATLAB figures (mphviewselection).
  • Parametric surfaces.

Improved Overview of the Model Object

  • Objects have a more well-defined set of methods because a large number of unnecessary methods have been removed. All methods are now documented in the COMSOL API Reference Guide and as Java Doc.
  • mphsave and mphcd functions for easier access to COMSOL model files.
  • Functionality and GUI for viewing the Model Object (mphnavigator). See Figure 1-1 below.

Figure 1-1: The Model Object Navigator (mphnavigator).

Improved Access to Model Data

  • mphinterp, mpheval, and mphglobal are now able to return complex values.
  • mpheval can return data at Gauss points.
  • mphstate and mphmatrix now support a custom linearization point.
  • Mesh and Xmesh (extended mesh) information retrieval.

Improved Startup

  • Startup message and customizable startup files have been added.
  • Improved memory settings for MATLAB through the use of a java.opts file.
  • When using the MATLAB node inside a COMSOL model: Addition of model path to the MATLAB path, improved error messages, and support for complex-valued data.

Parameterized Geometries

Version 4 includes built-in support for parameterized geometries. There should be no need to change boundary conditions during parameterization unless the geometry is built from scratch using the LiveLink for MATLAB. Parameterization can be performed both with the built-in parametric solver and by wrapping a for-loop around the solver call. Notice that COMSOL Multiphysics has new built-in capabilities for handling selections based on coordinates, which are also supported by the LiveLink for MATLAB.

Known Issues

The option to plot on a server by starting a COMSOL server with the option -graphics is not supported on the Mac.

Backward Compatibility vs. Version 3.5a


The functionality corresponding to the following geometry functions from version 3.5a is not available in version 4.2. Most of this functionality will be available in a later release.

  • flim2curve, flcontour2mesh, and flmesh2spline
  • geomspline, geomsurf
  • loft (partially available as Sweep)
  • geom1, geom2, and geom3


See the section “The COMSOL Java API” on page 41 regarding changes in the COMSOL API.