Heat Transfer

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Physics Interfaces and Study Types
Marangoni effectYes
ExpandBioheat TransferYes
ExpandHeat and Moisture TransportYes
ExpandHeat Transfer in FluidsYes
ExpandHeat Transfer in FracturesYes
ExpandHeat Transfer in PipesYes
ExpandHeat Transfer in Porous MediaYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
ExpandHeat Transfer in SolidsYes
ExpandHeat Transfer in Thin FilmsYes
ExpandHeat Transfer in Thin ShellsYes
ExpandLocal Thermal Non-EquilibriumYes
ExpandThermoelectric EffectYes
Conjugate Heat Transfer
ExpandTurbulent Flow, Algebraic yPlusYesYes
ExpandTurbulent Flow, k-epsilonYesYes
ExpandTurbulent Flow, k-omegaYes
ExpandTurbulent Flow, L-VELYesYes
ExpandTurbulent Flow, Low-Reynolds k-epsilonYesYes
ExpandTurbulent Flow, Spalart-AllmarasYes
ExpandTurbulent Flow, SSTYes
Electromagnetic Heating
ExpandInduction HeatingYes
ExpandJoule HeatingYes
ExpandLaser HeatingYes
ExpandMicrowave HeatingYes
ExpandHeat Transfer with Radiation in Participating MediaYes
ExpandHeat Transfer with Surface-to-Surface RadiationYes
ExpandRadiation in Participating MediaYes
ExpandSurface-to-Surface RadiationYes
Ambient Conditions
User defined conditionsYes
ExpandTime-dependent climate data for 6000+ stations (ASHRAE 2013)Yes
Boundary Conditions
Axial SymmetryYes
Boundary Heat SourceYes
Deposited Beam PowerYes
Diffuse surface (only surface-to-ambient radiation)Yes
Heat ContinuityYes
Inflow Heat FluxYesYes
Marangoni effect (multiphysic coupling)Yes
Open BoundaryYesYes
Periodic Heat ConditionYes
Thermal ContactYes
Thermal InsulationYes
Expand Heat Transfer in Thin ShellsYes
ExpandHeat FluxYes
ExpandIsothermal Domain InterfaceYes
ExpandRadiation in Participating MediaYes
ExpandSurface-to-Surface RadiationYes
ExpandThin FilmYes
ExpandThin LayerYesYes
Edge and Point Conditions
Thin RodYes
ExpandHeat Transfer in Thin ShellsYes
ExpandLine and Point Heat SourceYes
ExpandThin Layer, Thin Film and FractureYes
ExpandWall Heat Transfer for Heat Transfer in PipesYes
External Radiation Source
Directional Radiation Source Yes
Point Radiation Source Yes
Solar PositionYes
Volumetric Domain Properties
Building MaterialYes
Heat SourceYes
Heat Sources, Electrochemical Reactions and Joule HeatingYesYesYesYes
Infinite Domain Modeling with Infinite ElementsYes
Isothermal DomainYes
Out-of-plane Heat TransferYes
Phase Change MaterialYesYes
Pressure WorkYesYes
Thermoelastic DampingYes
Translational MotionYes
Viscous DissipationYesYes
ExpandBiological TissueYes
ExpandPorous MediumYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
ExpandRadiation in Participating MediaYes
Thermodynamics for Heat Transfer in Fluids
Ideal GasYesYesYesYes
Moist AirYes