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Modeling of Energy Efficient Continuous Sterilisation of ABP from Food Wastes

S. Dalrymple[1], R. Heslop[1]
[1]C-Tech Innovation Ltd. , Capenhurst, United Kingdom

Ohmic heating is a volumetric heating technology which can effectively process almost any pumpable fluid with extremely high energy efficiency (>95%). This is particularly useful for very thick fluids, those that burn on to hot surfaces and those with high solids content which would cause difficulties for conventional heating techniques. Processing of animal by-products (ABP) faces all these ...

Modeling of Noise Produced by Offshore Wind Turbines with Different Foundations and Effects on the Marine Environment - new

B. Marmo [1], I. Roberts [1]
[1]Xi Engineering Consultants, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Vibration produced by offshore wind turbines during their normal operation transmits through the tower into the foundation where it interacts with the surrounding water and is released as noise. The noise produced by offshore wind turbines can be detected by fish and marine mammals and may lead to alteration of their behavior. Given that noise is emitted at the interface between the foundation ...

Inverse Method for Calculating the Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity of Nuclear Materials - new

T. Pavlov[1,2], P. Van Uffelen[1], L. Vlahovic[1], D. Staicu[1], M. Wenman[2], R. W. Grimes[2], ,
[1]Institute for Transuranium Elements, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany
[2]Department of Materials, Imperial College London, London, UK

The high temperature measurement of thermal conductivity is vital for predicting nuclear fuel performance both during reactor operation and accident conditions. The proposed method uses experimental thermograms obtained via high temperature laser-flash heating of a disc-shaped sample in combination with finite element analysis and parameter optimization to calculate the thermal conductivity ...

Multiscale Simulation of a Photocatalytic Reactor for Water Treatment - new

A. Cockx[1], R. Degrave[1], P. Schmitz[1]
[1]University of Toulouse, Toulouse, France

This study deals with the 3D modeling of a light photocatalytic textile. This process aims to decontaminate industrial effluents such as water with pesticides. The present study describes the implementation of a reactive transport model in a computational fluid dynamics model developed on a Representative Volume Element (RVE) of the textile, i.e. at the microscopic scale. The final ...

Estimation of Tungsten Melt-Zone Size During Transient Heat Loads - new

Y. Patil[1], S. S. Khirwadkar[1], S. Belsare[1]
[1]Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, India

Electron beam has a wide range of applications in the material processing and joining techniques. Apart from that, it has also been utilized to simulate steady as well as transient fusion reactor relevant heat loads. Transient heat load events spontaneously occur in the fusion reactor. Several hundred megawatt of power is dumped upon the plasma facing material surfaces for a very short ...


胡跃强 [1],
[1] 清华大学,北京,中国

引言:为了不断地增加磁存储密度,机械硬盘中磁头和盘片之间的间隙,即飞高,已经减小到了 10nm 以下,以比特磁记录技术(BPM)和热辅助磁记录技术(HAMR)为代表的新兴技术不断涌现,给磁头磁盘界面的超薄气体润滑特性研究提出了新的挑战。 COMSOL Multiphysics® 的使用:由于在超薄气体润滑领域,连续介质模型已经不再适用,控制方程为玻尔兹曼方程。本文以 F-K 模型为控制方程,此模型是在线性玻尔兹曼方程和 BGK 方程基础上结合流量连续条件建立的修正雷诺方程。我们使用了 COMSOL Multiphysics® 中的 PDE 接口进行了自定义修正雷诺方程的建模,并利用参数化扫描进行不同参数影响的分析。利用LiveLink with MATLAB 接口编制磁头动力学方程,并进行方程的求解,得到磁头飞行的稳定飞行姿态。 结果:通过 COMSOL 的仿真计算 ...

Thermal Clothing Engineering Using a COMSOL® Simulation App

B. Van Der Smissen [1], S. Vasile [2],
[1] University College Ghent, Faculty of Science and Nature, Mechatronics, Ghent, Belgium
[2] University College Ghent, Science and Nature, Fashion, Textile and Wood Technology, Ghent, Belgium

In this paper the development of a COMSOL® app for the engineering design of thermal quality clothing has been started. The software architecture is developed for different design strategies. Specific design requirements lead to different simulation models for the clothing wearing system ranging from simple 1D, 2D to complex time-consuming 3D models. The COMSOL app uses finite element method ...

COMSOL Multiphysics® Software: Simplifying Workflow and Promoting Innovations in Nuclear Engineering at ORNL

P. K. Jain [1], J. D. Freels [1],
[1] Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, USA

At Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), COMSOL Multiphysics® software has become a preferred software for certain multiphysics applications in nuclear engineering. This presentation will highlight some of the ongoing activities in the following areas: (1) Highly enriched uranium (HEU) to low enriched uranium (LEU) conversion of the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), (2) New and improved safety ...

3D Acoustic-Structure Interaction of Ultrasound in Fluids for the Manufacture of Graded Materials

J. Holt [1], C. Torres-Sanchez [1], P. Conway [1], M. G. Garcia-Romero [1],
[1] The Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK

Functionally graded materials (FGM) are those that contain chemical, phase or structural gradients. Whilst the design of functionally graded structures is well researched in areas such as shape optimisation and topology optimization, their manufacture is still in development. One potential method for manufacturing functional gradients within materials is the application of sonication, this is, ...

A Multiphysics Model to Ensure Power Cables are Restrained Safely During Short Circuit Fault

M. S. Yeoman [1], R. J. Varley [1], R. Damodharan [1], L. Frizzell [2],
[1] Continuum Blue Ltd., Cardiff, United Kingdom
[2] CMP Products Ltd., Cramlington, United Kingdom

Trefoil cable formation is used where three phases are carried by three single core power cables, rather than a single three phase multicore cable. The advantage of installing three single cores in such a configuration is that it minimises the induction of eddy currents, therefore reducing the effect of localised heating, while maintaining the current carrying capacity of the circuit. Trefoil ...