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Aqui você encontrará apresentações realizadas nas Conferências de Usuários COMSOL de todo o mundo. As apresentações englobam pesquisas e produtos inovadores feitas por engenheiros e cientistas usando o COMSOL Multiphysics. Os tópicos abrangem uma grande gama de indústrias e aplicações, como elétrica, mecânica, escoamento e química. Use a função de busca "Quick Search" para encontrar apresentações na sua área de interesse.

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Optimization of Piezoelectric-Triboelectric Hybrid Generator Design novo

M. Padmanabhan1, G. Barbosa1
1Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, USA

Devices which scavenge energy from ambient mechanical sources such as human body movement and ocean waves are undergoing rapid research and development. Both triboelectric and piezoelectric effects have been employed in the design of such devices. In this work, we use the MEMS Module in ... Saiba Mais

Solving PDEs with Spatial & Time Varying Coefficients: Dirac Wave Function Passes Through EM Wave novo

A. J. Kalinowski1

The Dirac equation is employed in particle physics and historically gave the first combined unification of quantum mechanics and relativity theory by introducing a four component wave function Ψn n=1…4. This wave function describes the behavior of fermion type particles. The effect of a ... Saiba Mais

Numerical Analysis of Star-Shaped Nanostructures as Optical Detectors novo

R. Diaz de Leon-Zapata1, J. V. González-Fernández1, A. B. de la Rosa-Zapata1, E. Flores-García1, J. Sanchez2, J. Gonzalez2
1Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico/ITSLP, Mexico
2UASLP, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

With the use of COMSOL Multiphysics®, a full characterization of star shaped geometry structures of silver-zinc oxide (Ag-ZnO-Au) study is presented. Analysis with different thicknesses of gold cover, as well as with different lengths and additional arrangements of the structure have ... Saiba Mais

Equation-Based Adsorption Modeling for Aqueous Inorganic Species in Cylindrical Porous Media novo

J. Kim1, A. Morgott1, Z. Wu1, A. Puroll1, M. Miles1, W. Stoner1, Q. Li2
1Access Business Group, Ada, MI, USA
2Rice University/NSF ERC for NEWT, Houston, TX, USA

Numerous adsorptive media have been evaluated for the removal of inorganic contaminants in water, such as harmful heavy metals, toxic oxyanions, and radioactive species. Due to the complexity of water chemistry and chemical reactions at adsorptive media surface, lab-scale adsorption ... Saiba Mais

An AlGaN/GaN Based UV Photodetector Simulation Using COMSOL® to Obtain the Fresnel Coefficients novo

B. Uppalapati1, G. Koley1, A. Kota2
1Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA
2University of Dayton, Dayton, OH, USA

Over the past two decades, extensive research has been conducted on ultraviolet (UV) photodetectors (PDs) because of their potential applications across various fields including military, medicine, environmental monitoring, and deep space explorations. To fabricate solar-blind UV PDs ... Saiba Mais

Iberian COMSOL Multiphysics Conference

In the conference we bring together a community that is scientifically diverse in an event about the use of COMSOL Multiphysics. Oral and poster presentations highlight achievements in multiphysics modeling and simulations using COMSOL. Saiba Mais

Stress Concentration Analysis in A Heterogeneous Dough Gas Cell Wall at The Microscale: Effect of Gluten/Starch Interaction and Rheological Moduli Ratio

K. DEDEY[1], D. Grenier[1], T. LUCAS[1]
[1]Irstea Univ Bretagne Loire, France, France

Bread dough is often described as a dispersion of gas cells in a continuous gluten/starch matrix [1]. The final bread crumb structure is strongly related to gas cell walls (GCWs) rupture during baking. At the end of the proofing and during baking, part of the thinnest GCWs between ... Saiba Mais

Biomedical Detection Via Specific Oxide Materials Based Sensor for Medical Application

S. S.[1]
[1]Rajalakshmi Engineering College, India

This literature reviews the simulation of specific oxide coated MEMS based gas sensor analysis with various parameters such as power consumption, temperature uniformity, resistance change, sensitivity and selectivity etc. The property of the sensing layer of the device to change its ... Saiba Mais

Analysis of Powertrain Mounting System

S. Fulkar[1], C. Deshmukh[1], A. Prasad[1]
[1]Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., India

Powertrain mounting systems are subjected to varying degrees of continuous dynamic loads resulting into unbalance of forces at their mount locations. These forces contribute significantly towards noise, vibration and harshness signatures in the vehicle cabin and has strong negative ... Saiba Mais

Analysis of the Transient Performance of an Annular Linear Induction Pump using COMSOL®

P. Sharma[1]
[1]Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, India

Annular Linear Induction Pump (ALIP) is used for pumping liquid metal in fast reactors and in experimental test facilities. In order to understand the transient behaviour of this pump, a 2-dimensional axisymmetric model in time domain is developed. The transient performance prediction ... Saiba Mais

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