Simulation of Salt Diffusion in a Pork (bacon) Side using 3D Imaging

R. Said1, R. B. Schüller2, P. Young3, A. Aastveit2, and B. Egelandsdal2
1Simpleware Ltd, Exeter, UK
2Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway
3University of Exeter, SECAM, Exeter, UK

Simulation of salt diffusion in a pork (bacon) side is a relatively complex task since such a piece often consists of different regions of skin, meat, fat and bone; each with diffusion coefficients that vary by orders of magnitude.

Adding to this complexity is the arbitrary shape and topology of each region; separately and combined.

This paper will present a comprehensive solution for constructing high quality and accurate volumetric meshes based on 3D images obtained by a typical spiral CT scan. Advanced Images Based Meshing technology developed at Simpleware Ltd is utilized, namely both ScanIP and +ScanFE packages.