Numerical and Experimental Evaluation for Measurement of a Single Red Blood Cell Deformability Using a Microchannel and Electric Sensors

K. Tatsumi[1]
[1]Kyoto University, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan

An electric micro-resistance sensor that can continuously measure the deformability of a single red blood cell (RBC) in a microchannel and a numerical model that can simulate the resistance and capacitance of the cell membrane and cytoplasm are developed and improved. The resistance signal pattern between the electrodes is measured to evaluate the feasibility of the present sensor, using the human RBCs samples of normal RBCs and rigidized ones treated with Ca2+ and ionophore A23187.A numerical model introducing the equivalent electric circuit of the RBC successfully simulated the current density distributions by considering the potential drops produced by the resistance and capacitance of the membrane.