emPhys Physical Technology

emPhys Physical Technology

At emPhys Physical Technology, we specialize in RF and AC/DC systems, thermal systems, and acoustics. We combine prototyping with powerful modern Finite Element simulation software.

We specialize in designing and simulating RF circuitry, antennas, waveguide structures and microwave components. We create individual prototypes, characterize them in our laboratory up to a frequency of 2.5 GHz and this way verify our simulations.

Multiphysics computer simulation complements conventional development and optimization in prototype cycles, allowing you to save time and money and improve results in several ways:

  • Easily identify and overcome technical challenges
  • More comprehensive and accurate optimization
  • Faster and more efficient delivery of R&D projects
  • Explore multiple designs before building a prototype

emPhys Physical Technology provides consulting and R&D services in a variety fields. We have acquired many years of proven competence and experience in various industries, including:

  • Medical technology
  • Material mechanics
  • Surfaces and coatings
  • Electronics and communication systems
  • Automated measurement systems
  • Solid-state component research and development

At emPhys we work closely with our customers. We implement our expertise to create a custom strategy in order to deliver on time, quickly and efficiently. Our facility is equipped with powerful computational resources in order to run your simulations in house. We also offer postprocessing services to create presentation-quality results. Moreover, in order to ensure that your project is precise, we verify your electromagnetic models in our electronic laboratory.

Parabolic dish antenna

Areas of Expertise

Our Finite Element simulation software is COMSOL Multiphysics. This powerful tool allows users to study low- and high-frequency electromagnetic systems independently, or coupled to other applications. Some examples include:

  • Radio frequency systems, antennas, waveguide structures, microwave components
  • AC/DC systems, transformers, inductive telemetry, electromagnets
  • Thermal systems
  • Mechanical systems, vibrations, and structural integrity
  • Verification of electromagnetic systems in our electronic and RF laboratory

Consultant Contributions

Parabolic dish antenna
The patch feed was optimized for S-Band regarding gain and impedance match. The picture shows an illustration of the near field radiation pattern in the H plane.

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